Chapter 3 - Routes

To configure admin routes for your resource, you have to create a new file on backend routes folder config/sylius/routes/backend.

Let’s configure our “Article” routes as an example.

If you haven’t already created your first resource, check out Creating resources in Monofony and then come back!

# config/sylius/routes/backend/article.yaml
    resource: |
        alias: app.article
        section: backend
        except: ['show']
        redirect: update
        grid: app_backend_article
                subheader: app.ui.manage_articles
                icon: newspaper
        templates: backend/crud
    type: sylius.resource

And add it on backend routes configuration.

# config/sylius/routes/backend/_main.yaml

    resource: "article.yaml"

And that’s all!

All the routes are now available:

Name Method Scheme Host Path
app_backend_article_index GET ANY ANY /admin/articles/
app_backend_article_create GET|POST ANY ANY /admin/articles/new
app_backend_article_update GET|PUT|PATCH ANY ANY /admin/articles/{id}/edit
app_backend_article_bulk_delete DELETE ANY ANY /admin/articles/bulk-delete
app_backend_article_delete DELETE ANY ANY /admin/articles/{id}

These results can be dumped with the following command.

$ bin/console debug:router
$ bin/console debug:router | grep article # to filters only on article routes

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